Sunday, 9 October 2011

Follow my Style

Hi all,

Today i would like to give u some ideas on how to wear the shawl or pahsmina yang kami jual.. So, check it out.

Make it simple!!

Sold Out

As easy as ABC.. Memang pashmina segi tiga ni paling simple nak pakai. Even just put it like that it shows kelainan yang sangat simple.. 
Try it on dear..

 This sweet shawl show your sweetness. Betul tak? Simple but nice.. Manis jer..

The last two are satin shawl ala hana tajima.. The way our model wear it a bit different because we want to make it simple but elegant at the same time.

Well, we got a lot more style but for the time being tak sempat nak upload lagi.
 Anyway the picture not so clear because guna camera handphone.. 
Sorry ne;)

Enjoy the picture then boleh order..


ctk said...

wah...xder video ke...cOmel la..ct xreti pkai selendang..hehe


hehe.. belom buat video la yang.. Insyaallah nt da ade free time kita buat.. Tp snng je pkai.. nt upload gmbar step pkai eh.. beli la dlu.. confirm puas ht sbb selesa sgt kain